FAQ/ Troubleshooter

    How long does it take to make the stamp?
    It can be done within 24 hours, however please allow longer. This is to give time for us to send you the proof first to OK before making the stamp

    Once made, how long will it take to receive the stamp?
    If you are based in Manchester, you can pick up the stamp as soon as we let you know. Elsewhere, we post it with Hermes, which takes 2 to 3 days. If you require a quicker service, please contact us.

    How do I use the stamp?
    Simple, just place the stamp on the paper and push down. Hold for a split second and take off. If it is a larger stamp, make sure to give the stamp a wiggle before removing from the paper, so that it gets full contact on the paper. Make sure the paper is on an even surface

    Can the stamp be used on normal paper?
    Sure. The ink is oil “based”, which means its long lasting. The ink will smudge on plastic, and as with all stamps it shouldn’t be used on anything hot.

    Can you create my own stamp, completely personalised with my own company logo etc?
    Sure, please select from the personalised category.
    We advise you send a clear image, otherwise the dots/pixels will show up on the stamp.